Process of Consultation

Whether you know exactly how you want your new project to be or just looking for new ideas to build your new project, we offer priceless resources to help bring those ideas to life in a seamless manner. This is especially important if you are looking to move forward the norms.


From conceptualization to blueprint and from preparation to the final installation, our team will ensure that every part of your project is perfect as you desired. Whether it is something big such as the location of the rooms to the smallest of things such as the cabinet hardware placement, there is nothing. A growing number of homeowners.

JEKKS CONSULT LTD. guide you through the process of selecting and installing the green features in your building or home to benefit the environment that will fit into your current practice.
While the cost of JEKKS CONSULT LTD. is a little higher than your normal budget, about 5-10%. By using the correct green building contractor, you can expect an efficient.
By using the correct JEKKS CONSULT LTD. contractor, you can expect an efficient home that is durable, healthier to live in and needs less. While the cost of greener structure is a little higher.